4 Death with Dignity Act Pros and Cons


Dying is a natural part of life, but that does not mean that it is an easy process. There is much pain and fear that is associated with death. People die in many different ways, but the Death with Dignity Act involves the issue of physician assisted death. This is an Act that is designed specifically to legalize physician assisted death and make it possible for those living with terminal illnesses to choose when and how they die through the help of their physician.

There are certain states that have legalized the Death with Dignity Act including Oregon, but most states are currently opposed to this Act and physician assisted death is not legal. Physician assisted suicide is not a topic that is enjoyable to engage in, but it is an issue that is important. The Death with Dignity Act is essentially saying that terminally ill patients should have the ability to choose to die peacefully and painfully on their own free will.

Religion and the Death With Dignity Act

Much of the debate surrounding the Death with Dignity Act is centered on religion and the part that it plays in how people view physician assisted suicide. There are man people that believe for religious reasons that all suicide is wrong and that it is against gods will. This means that even terminal illness should not be a reason for suicide in the minds of many people that are religious. Some argue against the Death with Dignity Act due to religious reasons, but others support this Act due to the belief that people have the right to choose how they die. Many feel that physician assisted suicide is actually humane and compassionate, which is not typically what you think of when you think of suicide.

List of Pros of Death with Dignity Act

The biggest pro associated with the Death with Dignity Act is that it gives people the free will to choose. It is for freedom and the ability to choose how you will die and the amount of suffering that you will have to endure. Many people that are dealing with terminal illnesses are just looking for a way to get rid of the pain and would like to avoid having to suffer. When a person has already come to terms with their fate of dying due to a terminal illness, physician assisted suicide simply allows them the freedom to chose the induced death option. Those that benefit from this Act will die no matter what, but they get to go out on their own terms and are not held hostage by the disease that they are suffering from.

Lessen Pain
A big pro from the Death with Dignity Act is also the ability to lessen the amount of pain that terminally ill patients have to suffer from. Dealing with a terminal illness on a daily basis is something that you cant comprehend until you are dealt with this fate. Making the Death with Dignity Act legal allows patients to lessen the pain that they are dealing with and finally find some peace. Dealing with intolerable pain on a daily basis is what should be defined as inhumane. It is physician assisted suicide that helps people to stop the suffering.

List of Cons of Death with Dignity Act

Many people also refer to physician assisted suicide as mercy killing. People feel that this is not ethical and it is something that needs to be prevented by law. Those that are against the Death with Dignity Act feel that legalizing this would change the type of care the is provided and would change the way that murder and suicide is viewed. They feel that this is a slippery slope and that concessions should not be made for the act of murder even if it can be justified in some way. People feel that killing is killing no matter why it is done. Legalizing any form of killing is seen as wrong by some.

Question of Choice
Many people feel that making physician assisted suicide legal would only make it more difficult for medical advancements to be made. They feel that effort needs to be put into coming up with advanced treatments instead of legalizing ways that live can be ended legally. Some are of the opinion that you would not be able to know if the choice to have physician assisted suicide was made by the patient or if they were coerced into the decision by family and their health care professional. Having this option available is seen as wrong by all counts to many people.