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Message from the Virginia Guardianship Association President and Board of Directors

The Virginia Guardianship Association (VGA) was created in 1990/1991 and held its first conference in April 1992. Its Mission statement included “shall strongly support adequate funding…to assure quality services for people in need of guardianship or alternative protective services”… and, “to promote public and professional education and to further the exchange of knowledge regarding guardianship and alternatives.” After implementing surveys and participating in town meetings, VGA assumed a major role in the guardianship code revision reform effort and was instrumental in obtaining the public funding for two pilot projects in guardianship of last resort (the earlier version of public guardianship) in 1995. In 1998, the Virginia Public Guardian & Conservator Program was established and funded. In the year 2000, VGA published the “Status of Public Guardianship in Virginia 2000” to make legislators and policy makers aware of the effectiveness of the program and encourage expansion.                

A rich history indeed, and so many to thank for where we are today. And because VGA has been so successful in fulfilling its mission, the Board of Directors has voted to begin the dissolution process of the Association. The dissolution process will be completed by the end of this year. However, the web site will be inactive before that time.

 We have successfully worked ourselves out of a job – a job well done from start to finish – and thank all who have traveled this journey with us in bringing our mission to fruition.


Cathy Thompson, President VGA Board of Directors